HPR Standing Committee Encouraged by Progress of Ethiopian News Agency Featured

05 Apr 2018
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Addis Ababa March 04/2018 The activities and efforts of the Ethiopian News Agency to become a competitive news provider and cover the country in the past few years demonstrate that it is on the course of change, according to House of People's Representatives.

Culture, Tourism and Mass Media Affairs Standing Committee of the House of People’s Representative (HPR) visited the headquarters of the news agency today.

During the visit, Chairperson of the Standing Committee Mesfin Chernet said the activities of the quality and change teams, planning and implementation have contributed hugely to the increase in quality of news.

He particularly appreciated the agency for accepting the last feedbacks it received from the HPR, constructive ideas forwarded by the Auditor and proper utilization of the budget allocates that helped it register better performance.

Its effort to cover the country by opening branches in places like Humera, Sekota and Metema that need attention should further be strengthened, Chairperson Mesfin added.

Standing Committee Members Momina Mohammed and Teyiba  Abafogi  said  the activities the news agency has been carrying out in disseminating timely news using online television and face book as well as social media are strengths of the agency.

In addition, the effort to increase the accessibility of the agency by building media complex that incorporates radio and television studios are also to be views as encouraging.

The Standing Committee also stressed the need for a clear and engaging forum for discussion about issues related to employee benefits and wages.

He also stressed the need to introduce transparency in internal vacancies, identify good governance problems and solve them.

Ethiopian News Agency Director-General Bekele Muleta said the study on the structure of the organization will address the salary and other related questions.

The Standing Committee has finally promised to closely support the institution in solving the problems it encounters.

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