Israel Desirous to Cooperate with Ethiopia in Science,Technology Featured

22 Mar 2018
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Addis Ababa March 21/2018 Israel has the desire to work with Ethiopia on space science technology and research, Ambassador Raphael Morav said.

Israel's Ambassador to Ethiopia, Morav told ENA that his country is working   closely with the concerned institution in the sector to improve science and technology in Ethiopia.

According to him, the country is providing short-term training programs to encourage and build capacity in innovation in agriculture, health, and education.

The ongoing training and capacity building programs are conducted under the auspices of Mashav Development Cooperation here in Ethiopia and Israel.

The Ambassador added that this year Israel will train 100 Ethiopian professionals in various sectors and the capacity building training will continue in the future.

Ambassador Morav further stated that his country is conducting consultations on possible cooperation in Ethiopia’s efforts to build space science technology.

The pilot exchange project underway in collaboration with Gondar University will be replicated and expanded to other universities in the country, he added.

In addition, the Ambassador said Israel will continue to provide support and cooperation in modernizing Ethiopia’s agricultural sector.

Modernization of the Ethiopian agriculture sector entails expanding and further developing modern irrigation schemes on which Israel excels and is ready to share the skills with Ethiopian professionals in the sector, he elaborated.

Ambassador Morav also said his country will work in partnership with Ethiopia on further enhancing investment and trade relations between the two countries.

Ethiopia and Israel established diplomatic relations in 1961.

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