Four TV stations to receive licenses

15 Mar 2018
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Addis Ababa March 15/2018 The Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority disclosed today that four television stations that have been operating without authorization are to be licensed soon.

Despite the restriction by the Ethiopian Broadcasting Service Proclamation on foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin not to be issued license, the TV stations operated without license.

However, the ownership of the four TV stations including Ethiopian Broadcasting Service (EBS), Kana, LTV, and Nahoo televisions, which were owned by citizens of Ethiopian origin will soon transferred to Ethiopian citizens.

Gebregiorgis Abreha, Public Relations Director at the Authority informed ENA that this year two types of licenses are to be issued.

According to Gebregiorgis, the two types of licenses cover those stations, which were broadcasting via satellite without securing inland broadcasting certificate and new radio stations, will start transmission.

Since the four TV stations were operating outside the jurisdictions of the Broadcasting Authority, through negotiations reached with the Authority, all properties owned by the previous owners will be transferred to Ethiopian citizens.

The second types of license will be issued through a competitive bid between those who qualify to obtain licenses for new FM radio broadcasting stations.

The director confirmed that those applicants who fulfill the requirements for FM radio licensing will receive their licenses this year.

The Broadcasting Authority issues a public notice to invite broadcasters to compete for license in the areas in which the Authority aim to fill the gap of information needs of the public. 

The Authority has already issued a public notice inviting interested broadcasters to apply for a competitive bid between those who wish to join the broadcasting business.

In Ethiopia currently 19 TV stations broadcast their programs through ground and space satellites, while 65 radio stations currently conduct broadcasting services in the country.

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