House Approves Bill that Provide Hybridization Rights to Local researchers

28 Dec 2017
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Addis Ababa December 28/2017 The House of People Representative’s today approved a draft bill that provides hybridization rights to local researchers.

 The bill is expected play role for the improvement of production and productivity by encouraging   researchers to  develop  improved seeds through cross-breeding.

 The agriculture, natural resources and environmental protection standing committee that scrutinize the draft bill noted that it will play important role in improving production and productivity.

 The bill will also allow importation of seed that would help to enhance horticultural, floricultural and crop production and productivity.

 The House has unanimously endorsed the bill after thorough discussion on the proposal presented by the agriculture, natural resources and environment protection standing committee.

 In today’s session, the House has also endorsed a draft bill on the loan agreement signed between the Ethiopian government and the French Development agency (AFD).

 The 70.5 million Euro financial agreement was signed to finance the relocation and expansion of abattoirs of the municipality of Addis Ababa.

 According to the agreement, the 70 million euro will be used to finance the construction of abattoirs, while the 0.5 million euros will go for the technical assistances.

 Meanwhile, the house has referred the draft proclamation providing for the management and disposal of hazardous west to the appropriate standing committee for further inspection.

 The draft proclamation has prepared with the aim of creating system that would help to control the generation, storage, treatment, recycling and reuse of hazardous wastes.

  The House has also referred a draft bill on administration of employees of the office of the Federal Auditor General to human resources and good governance standing committee.


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