Ministry Executing Diverse Integrated ICT Dev't Projects

22 Nov 2017
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 Addis Ababa November 22/2017 Multiple integrated ICT development projects that enhance the country’s technological advancement have reportedly been carried out by Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

 Communication and Information Technology State Minister, Getachew Negash told ENA that the ICT projects are meant to address the ICT infrastructure gap in the country.

 Among the ICT development projects finalized is the woredaNet program that envisions the spread of information and communication technologies across the country by providing ICT services such as video conferencing and Internet connectivity to Federal, Regional and Woreda level government entities, he said.

 “The woredaNet program has been giving various services to many public organizations. It has, for instance, more than 100 institutions that have posted their portal and websites in the hosting service, and over 720 email users”, the State Minister added.

 According to him, over 1,940 small business enterprises which benefit youth and women were established to provide various services following the completion of the ICT infrastructure development.

 More than 611 woredas are reportedly addressed by the woredaNet program.

 The other project that aims to create internationally competitive business environment in ICT and make the country a hub of ICT technology in East Africa is the ICT Village in Addis Ababa.

 The State Minister revealed that the government has completed the construction of the first phase of the ICT Village, which includes infrastructure and basic buildings, and the remaining part of the project will be carried out by private companies.

 ICT Village CEO, Berhane Geleta told ENA that more than 20 companies have already started business in the village and over 56 small ICT practitioners and youth entrepreneurs are involved in the ICT incubation center.

 “There are companies in the ICT Village that have started exporting ICT products and more than 200 companies have shown interest in investing in the ICT Village”, the CEO explained. 

 President of the association established by the companies operating in the ICT centers, Dr. Fikre Y. Wondimu said the private companies share new ideas, develop innovative foundations and promote export in the ICT sector.

 The development of the ICT Village will increase the role of the private sector in promoting IT industry, job creation, foreign currency earning, and technology transfer, he noted. 

 When completed, the ICT Village is expected to create more than 300,000 jobs. In addition, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology plans to create 7,783 jobs from ICT development activities by the end of this Ethiopian year.

 In addition to the national ICT Village in the capital city, the government has built 4 additional ICT incubation centers in Tigray, Amhara, Oromia and Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples regional states  to foster small ICT business enterprises and youth entrepreneurs.

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