Al Jazeera Expresses Willingness to Help Build Capacity of Ethiopian Journalists Featured

16 Nov 2017
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Addis Ababa November 16/11/2017 Al Jazeera Media Network has expressed willingness to work in building the capacity of journalists in Ethiopia and establishing technical cooperation in the field of journalism.

 This was disclosed during the discussion between Government Communications Affairs Minister Dr. Negari Lencho and Director-General of Aljazeera Media Network Dr. Mustafa Suaq.

 Addis Ababa is not only the headquarters of the African Union but the headquarters of diplomats in Africa, and Al Jazeera has gained global fame in enhancing human capabilities, the Director-General said.

 Dr. Mustafa added that Aljazeera Media Network is willing to create professional journalists, develop journalistic skills, funding and capacity building in Ethiopia.

 The two sides have reached an agreement to finance and enhance Ethiopian capacity building.

 Government Communications Affairs Minister Dr. Negri Lincho stressed the importance of building the capacity of Ethiopian journalists.

 The Ethiopian Government had indicated that it would like the media to develop its capacity and develop training centers, he added.

 All the government media, including the government, are interested in capacity building but there are still gaps. Therefore cooperation with Al-Jazeera is crucial to bridge the gap, the Minister emphasized.

 Al Jazeera Media is a Qatari global media organization founded in 1996.


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