Institute Encouraged by Activities in Developing Improved Seeds, Adopting Technology Featured

25 Oct 2017
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Addis Ababa October 25/2017 Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) has registered encouraging results in developing improved seeds last Ethiopian budget year.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Technology Multiplication and Research Development Director Dr. Abebe Atilaw said the development of improved seeds is growing very fast, indicating better outputs and impacts in promoting the agriculture sector.

The Director stated:“We planned to produce 11861.6 quintals of different varieties of seeds,   including cereals, pulses, vegetables, ornamental crops, sesame, and coffee, on 707.81 hectares of land and produced 10525.8 quintals of crops. We also planned to produce 415000 animal fodder cuts and produce 417500 animal fodder cuts.”    

In addition the institute has released different types of seeds to support agricultural growth, it was noted.

 “The Institute has released about 85 different varieties of seeds suitable for irrigation areas last year. We have different varieties including vegetables and fruits, wholesale crops, pulses and cereals. The institute has released about 33 varieties of cereals, 3 wholesale commercial crops and 50 types of pulses and different kind’s vegetables.”  

The crops would help to ensure food security and contribute to the efforts to earn foreign currency as well as increase yield from 10 to 20 percent.  

 “For example, if we take maize average production before 30 years, the productivity of maize was 1.5 quintals, but we can now produce 30 quintals per hectare.

As a result, "farmers have currently achieved higher productivity, if we take some good farmers who are working on farms in Arsi and Bale areas; they are getting about 60 up to 80 quintals of wheat per hectare and also 80 quintal of maize per hectare”

The institute planned to also multiply 20,000 packets of organic fertilizers and has managed to multiply 5282 packets, the Director added.

According to the director, the institute has achieved above the target in terms of agricultural mechanization. "We have planned to multiply 624 agricultural prototype technologies and multiplied 627 prototypes.”

EIAR, in collaboration with regional research institutes, has been carrying out various efforts to introduce environmental friendly technologies, Dr. Abebe stated.

In this regard, it has planned to involve 96,159 in pre-expansion and technology promotion activities and has managed to insure the participation of 51,217 men and 17949 women beneficiaries.

The institute has designed 15 years operational strategy.


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