PM Urges Ministries to Collaborate with Science Academy for Problem Solving Researches Featured

28 Jul 2017
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Addis Ababa July 28/2017 Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn urged all concerned ministries to collaborate with the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences in conducting researches that will address problems of the nation.

This was disclosed in a meeting with stakeholders on how to strengthen and enhance the efficiency of the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences held on Thursday.

The Premier gave a clear direction to all concerned and related ministries to closely work with the academy both in allocating financial support and conducting a research that alleviates problems.

Executive Director of the academy, Pro Masresha Fetene noted that not every ministry was aware of the responsibly and duties of the Academy and how it undertakes its activities.

“An agreement is reached with the various ministers to collaborate with the academy in undertaking studies that are useful to the respective ministries”.

The academy will serve as a focal point to undertake studies and the ministries will collaborate in seeking ways of covering the cost for the studies, he added.

The Academy undertook several major studies including a ten-year nation human resources supply and demand.

Noting that lack of enough financial resources and collaboration were the main challenges in terms of enhancing its activities; he confirmed “I am sure this is going to change as a result of today’s meeting”.

Science and Technology Minister Getahun Mekuria added that the academy had prepared various publications that are used as an input for policy making.

The interface especially with other ministries such as Health, Education, Industry, and Mining as well should be strengthened for better results, the Minister added.

“The vision of the academy transcends beyond a given one or two ministries, especially regarding researches in national mega projects, and researches that would help leapfrog our engagement in science and technology to expand the culture of science and technology to higher academic institutes” the minister emphasized.

The Academy was established in March 2010 with the aim of developing scientific culture and scholarship in Ethiopia.

As an important partner of the government, the academy further involves relevant government institutions, ministries, universities and other organizations in its effort to achieve its goals.


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