Draft Bio-Refinery Roadmap Tabled for Discussion Featured

21 Jul 2017
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Addis Ababa July 21, 2017 A draft Bio-refinery Roadmap which targets to enhance bio-based economic development in the country was tabled yesterday for further discussion with stakeholders.

Opening the half-day workshop held at the Prime Minister’s Office, Coordinator of Agriculture and Bio-economic Affairs Policy Study and Research Sector Dr. Kassu Ilala said the roadmap to be further enriched paves the way for the implementation of series of activities.

The roadmap has indicated the qualified human resources needed and the training programs they require, he added.

Presenting the Bio-refinery Roadmap, Professor Belay Woldeyessus said on his part the road map gives direction for the government and enhance the country’s ongoing development.

Upon the finalization of the roadmap, a feasibility study will be prepared to implement it in various programs, he stated.

The Bio-refinery Roadmap will help develop over 50 products, it was learned.

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