Ethiopia Striving to Advance Science technology Role in Economy Featured

11 Jun 2017
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Jun 11/2017 As the role that science and technology plays in economic activities become crucial, Ethiopia is working for the advancement of the area by taking lessons from developed countries.

The Horn African nation, which gives due attention to science and technology is working to take lessons so as to enable it play role in the ongoing structural transformation, Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonen said.

Demeke told ENA that supporting the ongoing economic transformation with science and technology is important for Ethiopia to realize its renaissance.

The Deputy PM, who visited Singapore leading a high level delegation, underlined the importance to learn from best practices of Singapore in this regard.

During its stay in Singapore, the delegation has visited institutions that became center of excellence in science and technology and consensus was reached to work together with the institutions on human resource development.

Noting that Singapore’s priority to science and technology enabled it to become a manufacturing hub in the region, Demeke said that it is importance for Ethiopia to support its economic activities with science and technology as well as research.

He also emphasized the need to produce more skilled labor in science and technology fields so as to sustain the structural transformation.

Minister of Science and Technology, Getahun Mekuriya, member of the delegation said the delegation have managed to identify areas that could take lessons from Singapore.

Science and technology, research and study, human resource development, and industry linkages are among the areas mentioned by Getahun identified to take lessons.

He said that the lessons learnt from Singapore could be considered as an alternative to support Ethiopia’s ambition in science and technology.

According to Getahun, the visit has created an opportunity to work together with Singapore’s science and technology institutions.  

State Minister of Education, Samuel Kifle for his part said that Ethiopia can learn from Singapore’s experience in creating effective linkage between technical and vocational education, and industries.

Lessons were learnt from Singapore that would support Ethiopia’s efforts in strengthening technical and vocational schools, he added.

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