Technology Road Map for Priority Sectors Finalized Featured

25 Apr 2017
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Addis Ababa April 25/2017 The National Technology Road Map for prioritized sectors including sugar, railway and textile sectors have been completed, the Ministry of Science and Technology disclosed.

This Road Map would help to facilitate the integration of new technologies into business and for identification of new business opportunities in the sectors.

This was disclosed on a workshop aimed at bringing together key stakeholders from the Ministry of Public Enterprises and Ministry of Science and Technology including industrial sectors and research communities to develop a national technology roadmap for national priority sectors.

The workshop is also aimed at identifying the key emerging strategic issues, research challenges and the way forward.

National technology road map for livestock, crop, meat, sugar, coffee, oil irrigation, textile, garment, leather, environment, fertilizer, cement, chemical, ICT, road, construction, energy technologies have already been prepared.

Technology Road Map for aerospace and nuclear technology is under process.

Advisor for Ministry of Science and Technology, Abdu Razak Omar said the road map was organized based on assessment on market, production and development.

Since technology transfer is critical in the efforts to realize structural transformation, the road map is crucial to facilitate this, said Dr. Engineer Getahun Mukuria Minister of Science & Technology.

The implementation of the road maps is expected to increase per capita income of citizens over the next nine years to about 1,500 USD, he said.

The road map would help to adopt technology, enhance integration procedures and produce adequate skilled human resources, it was indicated.

Following the discussions with key stakeholders, the National Technology Forum was established. It will serve as a learning and experience sharing platform which will meet regularly and discuss on existing gaps as well as the way forward.

The forum includes representatives of public enterprises and is chaired by Public Enterprises while the Information Network Security Agency and the Ministry of Science and Technology are members.


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