Africa Needs to Invest in Science, Technology, Innovation

29 Mar 2017
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Addis Ababa March 29/2017 Africa needs to invest in innovations in science and technology to transform the sector, the Horn Economic and Social Policy Institute said.

Managing Director of the Institute Dr. Ali Issa Abdi told ENA that “We have to allow the resources to be prioritized to invest in science, technology and innovation. Of course everybody needs priority. ” 

According to the Africa capacity report 2017 released on Tuesday, innovation systems in most African countries funded through a vicious circle, with low funding to support high quality research and development programs.

Due to the low focus on science, technology and innovation, the continent failed to attract interest and funding, which undermines the sector’s potential to contribute to Africa’s development.

Africa needs to have clear strategies on the resources and levels of funding, inculcating discipline, focus, and commitment to properly use of the allocated resources, Dr. Ali said.

The continent has to use innovative method of science and technology he said, adding "we have a lot to do to achieve goals and targets for the transforming the economic base of this continent."

He said “We have to think regional, we have to think continental, and we want to create top international universities in fields of health, education who we called the center of excellence.” 

The Africa capacity report noted that the continent should build more regional and international centers of excellence in areas critical to Africa’s science, technology and innovation development.

To make this happen, higher education and research institutes in should forge strong regional networks and partnership to facilitate the situation for African scientists conduct world-class research.

These centers can help African institutions standardize and harmonize research expertise, and best practices in science, technology and innovation, the report added.

African Heads of State and Government have adopted a science, technology and innovation strategy for Africa (STISA-2014), in June 2014.

The strategy recognizes the need to strengthen Africa’s science, technology and innovation capacity by developing or upgrading research infrastructure, enhancing professional and technical competencies, among others. 

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