DotAfrica to Vehicle Socio-Cultural Activities of Africa Featured

10 Mar 2017
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Addis Ababa March 10/2017 The dotAfrica (.Africa) domain which is expected to vehicle socio-cultural activities of Africa in the digital era thereby allowing the continent to contribute to the global digital economy launched here on Friday.

The dotAfrica generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) will bring the continent together as an internet community under one umbrella, allowing e-commerce, technology and infrastructure to flourish, African Union said

Saying dotAfrica is a truly African initiative established by Africans for Africa and the world; the Union expressed belief that the introduction of dotAfrica TLD will create an attractive regional home for the Pan-African Internet community.

It is also an opportunity to forge a unique online identity which will associate products, services and information with the continent and people of Africa, it said.

It will also echo ongoing operation and successes of other sister community TLDs such as dotEu and dotAsia that have created a new Internet identity for their users and businesses which seek more regional presence without being confined within the limits of one country.

Mokgabudi Lucky, CEO of ZA Central Registry, which operated dotAfrica, told ENA that, “Not only as the operator of the name but as citizens of the continent we think it is about time that we now have our own digital identifier which is dotAfrica.”

“In life people want to be identified by their names and I think today we do have a name as Africa that identifies us and our business”, he said.

The dotAfrica is part a space that conducts e-commerce, the CEO added “it creates a lot of value and opportunity for all of us since it is one of the bedrocks commercially in e-commerce and internet transactions.”

He also pointed out that if 10 percent of the 1.2 billion people of Africa is connected to dotAfrica, it is going to be a lot beneficial for the entire continent, because the revenues will be put to the dotAfrica foundation.

DotAfrica, which consumed close to 3.4 million USD, aspires to incorporate some of the native African languages into the technology system, Lucky added.

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