Ethiopian Runner Wins Int'l Marathon in Battered Sandals

02 Nov 2017
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Addis Ababa  November 02/2017 Ethiopian runner, Amogne Sendeku, won the Songshan Shaolin International Marathon in Henan Province on Oct. 29 in a pair of battered sandals.

The runner won the men’s competition in 2 hours, 28 minutes, and 2 seconds, according to People’s Daily Online

Amogne received a medal blessed by a senior monk at the Shaolin Temple, 20,000 yuan, it was learned.

Many Chinese called his sandals “magic weapon.”

An internet person wrote on Sina Weibo, one of the most popular social media sites in China: “The African runner is truly talented. Compared to the other competitors with much better running equipment, his sandals seem to be a fair statement of his true ability, telling the world that a good runner can win without any outside assistance”. 

Another internet person added that Alelgn also won last week’s Jingyuan International Marathon in Gansu Province with the same pair of shoes.

Intrigued by his Chinese fans’ questions, Alelgn said the sandals have no special power, giving the credit of his success to good luck. 

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