Nation Launches Anti-Doping Campaign

17 Aug 2017
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Addis Ababa August 17/2017 The National Anti-Doping Office (NADO) has launched today anti-doping awareness creation campaign that will eventually cover the nation.

A half-day training on anti-doping was given to about 235 pharmacists and druggists in Addis Ababa.

Opening the training, NADO Director Mekonen Yidersal said pharmacists play crucial role in the anti-doping campaign.

He stated that the office is working hard to protect the country’s sport from banned drugs.

The training was part of the awareness creation campaign to be carried out across the country.

“Starting from Addis Ababa we will proceed to different parts of the country to create public awareness about the doping drugs”, Mekonen added.

Drug Stores Inspection Director at Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Authority of Ethiopia (FMHACA), Gezahagn Endale said on his part the authority has been working in collaboration with NADO to fight doping.

FMHACA is vigilantly inspecting different drug stores in the capital city to control doping, he said.

He stressed that professionals, especially pharmacists, have to be more careful while dispensing drugs to customers, though the authority is striving to protect the country from doping.

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