Irrecha Great Run would promote linkage between cultures, sports: say athletes Featured

01 Oct 2016
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Addis Ababa  October 01/2016  Organizing road running events such as the 10,000-km "Irreecha Great Run” said to be instrumental in promoting linkage between culture and sports in the country.

Thousands of community members drawn from the environs of Bishouftu town, located 47.9 km southeast of Addis Ababa, and professional athletes participated on the road running organized in connection with Irreecha Festival of the Oromos.

Senior athletes told ENA that this great run program would help to foster linkages between sports and culture at the same time help to promote athletics sport.

Long distance runner Gezahagh Abera said the event will enable local communities and athletes have the chance to take part in various competitions.

Events such as this Irrecha great run will create opportunities for athletes to participate in various competitions, giving them the chance for more exposure, he said.

Athlete Gebregzabeir Gebremariam on his part expressed joy for witnessing the event, saying it will add momentum in luring more tourists.

The linkage between culture and sports is of crucial importance to promote tourism by attracting more local and international tourists, he added.

Gebregzabeir emphasized the need to organize such road runs during festivals celebrated in the other parts of the country.

Some 45,000 community members and 400 athletes dawn from 21 clubs, were registered to participate on the Irrecha Great Run organized in connection with the Irrecha festival to be observed on Sunday.

Irrecha Festival will be celebrated tomorrow at Hora Arsedi in Bishoftu town and is expected to bring together millions of people from Oromia and across the country.

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