Ethiopian Immigrants Arrived Home from Mozambique

09 Feb 2018
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Addis Ababa February 8, 2018 Some 47 Ethiopian immigrants who were detained in Mozambique returned home last night.

The Ethiopians have been detained in Mozambique for attempting to cross the border illegally to South Africa.

The immigrants returned through the joint effort of the Government of Ethiopia and the International Organization of Migration (IOM).

One of the immigrants, Assefa Shure, said "we experienced a lot of unbearable hardships on our way. I vividly recall the traumatic experience on the journey. The Ethiopian people need to learn from us."

"We stayed on a boat for 16 day with no food. After this, we will teach every Ethiopian not to undergo the same ordeal”, he stressed.

The other immigrant, Samuel Derilo, said, “We have to understand what we have passed through and learned. We have to be ready to work in our country."

He said they were 69 when they left and 40 were died. "I would like to see change without going abroad. I wish people don’t migrate. I prefer that they try to be successful in their own country.”

Bereket Yakob said that the youth resort to illegal migration due to lack of job opportunities. So, the government should focus on job creation programs, he noted.

Recently, 21 Ethiopians who were detained in Libya have been repatriated home.

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