AU Continental Veterinary Vaccine Bank Inaugurated Featured

02 Feb 2018
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 Bishoftu February 1, 2018 The AU Continental Vaccine Bank, which is located at the Veterinary Health Institute in Bishoftu, was inaugurated by AU Chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat yesterday.

 During the occasion, the Chairperson said African livestock resources development needs to be enhanced by injecting modern technologies and research outputs to increase benefits from the sector

 The inability to get the proper benefit from the animal resource is due to the fact that the sector is now only at take off stage, he added.

 The vaccination bank is significant to accumulate and store veterinary vaccines in their international standard in quality and quantity.

 According to Mahamat, the vaccination bank and the modern technology cooperative laboratory will contributes greatly to improving livestock productivity, ensuring food security, and providing nutritional needs and benefiting producers from the sector.

The Chairperson said the AU is committed to strengthening the vaccine bank's financial, technological and capacity building efforts and thanked the Ethiopian government for the support.

 He also noted that the contribution of livestock to the continent should be further supported by technology and research to enhance the benefit earned from the sector.

 State Minister of Livestock and Fisheries, Dr. Mesrak Gashaw said the veterinary bank is in reality because of African Union's material, professional and technical support.

 In addition to designing and implementing livestock development policies and strategies, the Ethiopian government is working to organize various animal health institutions and research institutes, she added.

 African Agricultural Rural Economy Commissioner Joseph Lioley said it is necessary to work hard to combat various diseases affecting animals and elevate the income that is expected from the sector.

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