House of People's Representatives Bans Foreign Adoption

10 Jan 2018
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Addis Ababa January 10/2018 The House of People's Representatives has approved a proclamation that bans the adoption of Ethiopian children by foreign families.

The newly amended Family Law Proclamation will enable children to grow up in Ethiopian culture, custom, social values and practices of their birth place.

The previous proclamation allowed orphans and children vulnerable to extreme poverty to be adopted by foreigners. But this exposed the children to various crimes and social crisis in the country they grew up, it was learnt.

It also made the adopted children vulnerable to identity crisis, psychological problems, and violation of rights.

The proclamation was thus amended to ease such problems.

The revised proclamation encourages local adoption, family reunification and reintegration that will enable children to grow up in the midst of their fellow citizens, it was pointed out.

It was highlighted during the discussion that the existence of many NGOs working in the area and the initiation of fellow Ethiopians to adopt children has created opportunity to amend the proclamation.

Meanwhile, the House has also approved the proclamation on the merger of the federal judicial services training centre and the legal and justice systems research institute. 

The two governmental institutions are reorganized as “the federal Justice and Legal Research Institute.”

In addition, the House approved federal electronic signature proclamation that encourages electronic trade and electronically supported governmental services

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