Int'l Conference on African Children Underway in Addis Ababa Featured

23 Oct 2017
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Addis Ababa  October  23/2017 A conference that seeks to identify solutions and taking action to tackle poverty and inequality in Africa focusing particularly on children opened here today.

The three-day conference aims to bridge the gaps between policy makers, practitioners, civil society and researchers on children poverty in Africa to address the multi-dimensional and complex challenges of poverty.

Representative of African Child Policy Forum, Agnes Akosua Aidoo said African governments are investing relatively more in sectors benefitting children and are increasingly becoming child-friendly compared to the situation ten or so years ago.

She added that the bad news is that half of the world’s poor, most of them children, live in Africa where 42 percent of the population subsisted in conditions of extreme poverty.

Dr. Aidoo suggested that policy reforms in the tax systems, access to credit and improvements in agricultural productivity, in addition to the political commitment are necessary to change the lives of children in Africa.

Women and Children’s Affairs Minister, Demitu Hambissa, said it is important to consider the potential differential impact of economic growth and poverty reduction policies on adults and children in order to tackle poverty in a holistic and child-sensitive manner.

“This conference is one of its kinds to put researchers, policy makers and policy implementers under one roof. This enables us to have the same figure and understanding of the status of our child protection systems to tackle the poverty and inequality of our children”, the Minister added.

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