Multiple Measures Needed to Improve Social Security in Africa, Says ISSA Featured

23 Oct 2017
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Addis Ababa  October 23/2017 Political commitment, economic development and improved administration are needed to improve social security in Africa, according to the International Social Security Association (ISSA).  

This was pointed out at the opening session of the 4th Regional Social Security Forum for Africa that began here today.

ISSA presented to the report 10 identified global challenges for social security in Africa based on research, analysis and consultation with more than 50 government departments and social security institutions in Africa.

According to the report, closing the coverage gap, higher public expectation, health and long-term care, and employment of young workers are among the top identified challenges of social security in Africa.

Speaking on the occasion, International Social Security Association President Dr. Joachim Breuer said 50 percent of the continent’s population does not have access to social security despite the presence of wonderful social security development activities in Africa.

He said the trend in Africa is on the right track and every country has realized that they need social security to get the sustainable economic growth.

“There is the realization on the political leadership that without social security you will not have a free society, freedom and peace; so, everything you invest on social security is not only for people but also for the countries in total”, the President stressed.

According to him, the forum hosted by Ethiopia is a good platform to send out the message to all political leaders that they are the once who need to decide that it is time for investment in social security to make the glass full of water and not keep in half empty and half full.