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01 Sep 2017
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Addis Ababa September 01/2017 Prime Minister Hailiemariam Desalegn has called on the public to work hard in the coming Ethiopian year for the sustainability of the ongoing efforts towards ensuring development.

 During one of the consecutive events organized to welcome the New Year, Hailemariam urged the public to stand in unison and work in an integrated way to enhance development.

 Minister Government Communications Affairs Office Dr. Negeri Lencho for his part said that the country is marking the day of love as love is the basement to progress.

As the country is home to different ethnic groups with diverse culture, the journey towards development can only be successful with love and through unity.

During the occasion, the Prime Minister has received a postcard with a New Year wish and flower from Mayor of the Addis Ababa City Administration as part of the celebration.

 Ethiopia has already launched a 10-day event to welcome the upcoming New Year by recognizing the achievements that the nation has gained over the past decade.

 The special events are going to be celebrated at the national level for 10 consecutive days starting from today till the eve of the 2010 Ethiopian New Year.

 Today, at the first day of the welcoming events, the nation has marked the day of love. The 10-day events are going to be celebrated under different themes.

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