Ethiopia to Mark 10-Day Nat'l Events to Welcome New Year Featured

30 Aug 2017
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Addis Ababa 30/2017  Ethiopia will welcome its new year by hosting special events at national level for 10 consecutive days starting from September 1, 2017 with the view to realizing the country's vision by 2025, Government Communication Affairs Office announced.

At a press briefing he gave today, Government Communication Affairs Office (GCAO) Minister Dr. Negeri Lencho said the events are intended to welcome the Ethiopian New Year that begins on September 11 with a different sprit and to strengthen the ongoing inclusive development.

Accordingly the first day will be marked as Day of Love, followed by Mothers' and Children Day, Day of Elders, Day of Peace, Reading Day, Green Development Day, Day of Respect, Love of Country Day, Day of Unity, and Day of Ethiopia consecutively, the Minister added.

Dr. Negeri urged Ethiopians irrespective of age, religion, race and political views to mark each day with the relevant program.

The Minister who explained at length the relevance of each day gave particular attention to Day of Peace, which he termed as important. Peace has been key instrument in the country's inclusive achievements witnessed in recent years, he stressed.

Citizens have to make peace and stability their culture as Ethiopia is flourishing economically since it became the island of peace and stability in the Horn of African, Dr. Negeri elaborated.

The 10-day event will be marked in collaboration with artists.

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