Gov't Pledges to Meet Constitutional Rights of the Diabled Featured

25 Jul 2017
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Addis Ababa July 25, 2017 Prime Minister Hailemariam said his government will discharge its responsibilities of ensuring the constitutional rights of people with disabilities.

The Premier met today with representatives of the Ethiopian National Association of the Blind (ENAB).

The representatives exchanged views on the support they should get in line with their constitutional rights.

According to Ewnetu Blata, Executive Assistant of the Prime Minister who attended the meeting, the PM underscored that the government is obliged to address demands they make using their constitutional rights.

He noted that the problems persons with disabilities face with respect to services will be solved with a long and short term plans.

The Prime Minister has finally pledged to support the Ethiopian National Association of the Blind is facing in a short period.

ENAB Manager Sultan Ismu said they were satisfied with the response they got from the Prime Minister.

Sultan has also called on the government to provide financial support that would help ease the problems of the Association.

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