MoFA Urges Undocumented Citizens to Make Use of Few Remaining Days to Return Home Featured

20 Jul 2017
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Addis Ababa July 20/2017 Repatriating all undocumented citizens from Saudi Arabia has become difficult, Foreign Affairs Minister Workneh Gebeyehu said.

Even though 4 days remain to the extended deadline set by the Saudi government, not more than 60,000 citizens have returned home, he revealed.

“Things will not be under our control after the deadline passes”, the Minister said, adding that Saudi Arabia is ready to forcibly repatriate undocumented foreigners.

Despite the challenges to bring back all citizens in the remaining 4 days, the government sees hopes of their return making use of the days ahead, Workneh said

According to the Minister, the government has been working hard to facilitate the return citizens through establishing a command post, allowing returnees to bring their belongings free of tax and requesting the extension of the amnesty.

“We are concerned about our citizens up to the last point”, Workneh stressed, noting that every possible means will be used to protect their safety. 

Though mass media had played a crucial role in the campaign for the return of citizens, much is left to be done, the Minister stated.

 It is to be recalled that 111,000 Ethiopians had secured exit visas.

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