Trainings to rectify shortfalls in public service Featured

11 Jan 2017
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Addis Ababa  January 11/2017  The Ministry of Public Service and Human Resource Development said the training for public servants that kicked off today will help in effectively resolving weaknesses among public servants and create public workers that are ready to serve the public.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Tagesse Chafo, Minister of Public Service and Human Resource Development said public servants have so far carried out their responsibilities in the development endeavors the country has registered in every sector.

Public servants have contributed in realizing the gains at national level over the last 25 years, the Minister noted.

Despite such commendable services, the public has continued to voice lack of good governance due to the fact that they have not been provided with adequate services expected from public servants who are assigned to deliver their services in a spirit of stewardship.

The Minister underscored on the major shortfalls of the public servants which included lack of prompt response to the needs of the public, failing to serve the public in a spirit of stewardship and using official positions for satisfying self interest.

He noted that if public servants deliver their services properly, 70 per cent of grievances on good governance can be resolved.

Tagese said the latest trainings that are provided for public servants throughout the country will help rectify the shortfalls through enhancing their capacity and implanting a spirit of readiness.

The training will be instrumental to reintroduce to the public servants development policy options that are designed by the government and to clear out some misconceptions.

Efforts are underway to create a public service that will promptly respond to good governance issues by implementing change management tools that will make the country’s public servants more competitive both in their skills and outlooks, he said.  

The nation’s public servants will be rewarded based on their contributions to the growth of the county’s economy and adjustments will be made in line with the capacity of the country, the Minister added.

Measures will also be taken to help improve the livelihood of public servants.

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