State gov't pledges support for families of stampede victims Featured

04 Oct 2016
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Addis Ababa October  04/2016 The regional state of Oromia, the organizer of the annual Irrecha festival that entertained violent scenes, announced that the government will provide necessary support for the families of victims of the stampede.

The state government promised to maintain efforts of guarding the constitutional system, with further calls on the public to support efforts of the government to ensure peace and stability in the country.

In a press conference he gave early today, regional state Deputy Chief Administrator Eshetu Dessie blamed what he called anti-peace forces that interrupted the highly cherished Irrecha Festival which ended in loss of lives and injuries to many others.

Eshetu rejected claims by different social media that the government used air and ground force to disperse the crowd at the scene, and upheld reports from other officials and hospital sources that lives were lost as people fell into ditches while fleeing the stampede.

Despite the riot during the annual event, the official confirmed that efforts will be maintained to inscribe the Oromo Gada System under UNESCO's world heritage list. 

The deadly stampede happened on Sunday at the annual Irrecha Festival of Thanksgiving in Bishoftu town where the government said 55 people were killed.

The Irrecha festival was interrupted following the chaotic situation orchestrated by anti-peace elements, the government said, expressing condolence to the victims and the bereaved.


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