Nation Finalizing First-ever Computer Crime Proclamation Featured

13 Apr 2016
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Addis Ababa April 13/2016 Ministry of  Science and Technology has submitted the first-ever computer crime bill in Ethiopia which regulates the security threat and the vulnerability of cyber crimes to the House of People’s Representatives.

Ethiopia’s laws are not adequately tuned with the technological changes and are not sufficient to prevent, control, investigate and prosecute the suspects of computer crimes, Chief Whip Amanuel Abraham said at the opening of the discussion early this week.

The draft bill consists of substantive computer crimes such as illegal computer interception, interference with computer system, causing damage to computer data, computer related fraud, access to computer without authorization, and electronic identity theft, among others.

According to Chief Whip Amanuel Abraham, the draft bill is expected to prevent and control criminal act from home and abroad on institutions, infrastructures, computers and networks.

Upon endorsement by the House, the bill will support the country to take appropriate protection and security measures for the utilization of information communication technology, he explained.

The bill has also restrictions on illegal content data and obscene crimes against minors by transmitting, distributing, making available or possessing picture, video, or image through computer.

In this regard, sexual explicit conduct by transmitting erotic speeches, pictures or text message or videos through computer system shall be punishable with imprisonment from five to ten years.

With regard to illegal interception of a critical infrastructure, the culprit shall be punished with rigorous imprisonment from 10 to 15 years and fine from 100,000 to 200,000 birr.

The Information Network Security Agency shall have the duty to establish online computer crimes investigation system and provide other necessary investigation technologies, it was stated.

Efforts are reportedly made to recognize cyber attack crimes committed in some federal institutions, ICT sector, companies; and banks tangible crime information were identified in the past two year.

The House of People’s Representatives referred the draft computer crime proclamation to the pertinent standing committees on April 12,2016

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