Public Vow to Support PM in Bringing Peace, Dev't Featured

16 Apr 2018
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Addis Ababa April 16/2018 Some participants who attended the public address by Prime Minister Abiy at the Millennium Hall yesterday have expressed their readiness to support the effort of the government to bring peace, unity and solidarity.  

They further urged the public, federal and regional government officials, women, youth, religious leaders and other key stakeholders to join hands in maintaining and protecting peace in the country.

Among the participants, Haji Mohammed Alula from Tigray region said peace is everything and all stakeholders need to build peace and harmony among the people they represent. 

“Development is possible only in an environment where there is sustained peace. Nothing can be achieved without peace. We must aspire for peace and teach about the value of peace,” he added.

According to him, Ethiopia is a uniquely diverse country; and there is nothing that could balkanize Ethiopia.  All should stand for peace and work hard to maintain and protect peace and unity.” 

A youth representative from Silte Zone of Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' Region (SNNPR), Mustaf Tebarek promised that he will stand by the government to protect the peace of his country thereby strengthening the existing unity among the peoples.

He stressed that the government should work closely with youth by designing inclusive agenda that the youth can carry through.

Another participate from  Gambela Region Thokhat Nhial Lual  expressed his hope that the Prime Minister will do  good things for his country by ensuring peaceful and comprehensive development.

“I believe that the Prime Minister will deliver good things to all the people of the country,” he noted. 

Lual added that the peace and unity of the country will be built on a very strong ground and we should discharge our responsibilities to maintain and protect the country.

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