PM Hold Talks with Residents of Mekelle Featured

13 Apr 2018
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Mekele April 13/2018 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed addressed the public and regional government and community representatives upon his visit to Tigray Regional State.

Senior government officials including Foreign Minister Workneh Gebeyehu, Sheferaw Shegute, Head of EPRDF Secretariat Office and other senior government officials accompanied the Premier.

In advance of the convention, Premier Abiy laid wreath for war memorial at the martyrs' monument in the city of Mekelle.

Speaking in Tigrigna language with full eloquence on the occasion, Prime Minister Abiy expressed his delight in paying a visit to Tigray, a region in which ancient Ethiopian civilization has flourished.

He also mentioned that Tigray is a vivid indicator of the peaceful co-existence of Christianity and Islam as an example of the age old living in harmony of the followers of the two religions.

The Premier also recalled the valor that was exhibited by all Ethiopians at the Battle of Adwa, in which the peoples of the region along with their brothers and sisters from all parts of Ethiopia demonstrated their anti-colonial struggle and the quest for equality for the entire world to witness.

Moreover, the Prime Minister called upon the youth in the region to follow the footsteps of their forefathers and fathers in promoting peace, democracy and development in the region and in entire Ethiopia. He added, “The people of Tigray have never compromised their identity as Ethiopians and will remain committed to their Ethiopian identity.”

Speaking on the significance of a constructive dialogue for peace between Ethiopia and Eretria, he said, “This is not the epoch of killing each other and a period of bloodletting. The modern epoch calls for peace and peaceful dialogue.”

He also said that the people in the region should not heed to sham fabrications and fake news transmitted over Face book and other online media outlets, but keep on participating on the promotion of peace, unity and development of their country.

Prime Minister Abiy said that there are people who think that Tigray as a region and its people have been made to be above the rest of the peoples of Ethiopia, and stressed that "this is completely false assertion"; he added that "the peoples of the rest of Ethiopia are already aware of this fabrication."

Also speaking on the occasion, Tigray Regional State Deputy Administrator, Debretsion Gebremichael reaffirmed the full commitment of TPLF, regional government and the people to the objectives and ideals of democracy, peace and development.

He said “Some power mongers wrongly assert that TPLF has assumed a higher position upon all political organizations but everyone knows that this is not true”.

He called upon all to uphold, respect and honor the provisions of the constitution and said all should renew their commitment to the peace, growth and development of the country.

Debretsion added that the regional government and the peoples of Tigray are committed to shoulder their responsibilities and their parts in assisting government efforts to rehabilitate citizens who were displaced from their homesteads due to the conflict that flared up in the border areas of Ethiopia Somali and Oromia regional States.

Prime Minister Abiy delivered his entire public address in Tigrigna and also translated the deliberations of the discussions for those officials who did not speak Tigrigna. 

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