EPRDF Ready to Negotiate with Parties Prefer Peaceful Struggle: PM Featured

13 Apr 2018
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Addis Ababa April 12/ 2018 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed affirmed his party’s readiness to negotiate with political parties that prefer peaceful struggle.

Abiy who noted that efforts towards democratic system building could not be fruitful without strong opposition parties, said EPRDF will play its best to strengthen opposition parties.

The Premier made the remark at a dinner program he held at the National Palace for religious and community leaders, as well as leaders of opposition parties and people drawn from civic societies.

During his speech at the event, the Premier acknowledged the contribution that religious leaders, civic societies and opposition parties played in the country to date.

Noting that efforts towards building a prosperous Ethiopia need everyone’s contribution, the Premier urged citizens to discharge their responsibilities in this regard.

Abiy, who sworn in as PM recently, has been meeting with the public in different parts of the country as part of efforts towards reconciliation.

The Premier last week visited Somali Regional State and discussed with the public along with officials of the region and Oromia Regional State.

Yesterday he visited the town of Ambo that has been known for its restiveness over the past few years and during previous regimes.

Today’s discussion with the opposition, religious leaders and civic societies is part of the Premier’s plan in promoting dialogue.


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