Residents of Ambo Town Vow to Stand Along with Gov’t Featured

12 Apr 2018
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Addis Ababa April 12/2018 Residents of Ambo have expressed their readiness to stand alongside the government to sustain peace and stability in the town. 

Ambo town, which was one of the most restive areas in Oromia Regional State, has warmly welcomed the newly sworn in Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Wednesday.

Accompanied by high level government officials, the Premier was welcomed at the Ambo University Stadium by more than 30,000 residents of the town. 

On his second visit after the Somali Regional State, the Premier conferred with the residents on the imperatives of sustainable peace in the town and the Oromia Regional State.

Some residents of the town, who attended the public gathering, told ENA that they are satisfied with the speech of the Premier and are ready to work with the government to bring a long-lasting peace in the town.

“Today is the re-birth of Ambo town. People are so excited; we are so happy,” Melake Isreal Wolde Kirkos Administrator of Debrebrehan Eyesus Church said.

Recalling the protests that left the loss of life in the recent past, the priest said peace has fully returned to town and the youth are eagerly waiting for government responses to their grievances.

Senait Dinku from Ambo University said “I am ready to work with the government and contribute my part in ushering changes in Ambo town”

She also encouraged her fellow students to stand with the government for new changes and hard work to ascertain peace.

Aba Geda Dufsa Macho said the people now need to strive for development as it struggled for peace.

He also urged the government to create inclusive growth and development programs which should embrace women and the youth.

In his speech on the occasion, Premier Abiy appealed for patience and to cooperate with the government as it responds to the challenges that the public has been facing.

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