Political Parties Expresses Need for Nat’l Consensus on Creating Stability Featured

14 Mar 2018
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Addis Ababa March 13/2018 Members of the Joint Council of National Political Parties have called today for collaborative effort of all Ethiopians in building national consensus on stabilizing the country.

The  Members of the Council in their regular meeting discussed about the current problems in the country and proposed solutions.

Ethiopian Peace and Democratic Party President, Seid Yimer urged the youth to come forward and be part of the solution.

“All must work towards upholding the torch of peace and stability, instead of trying to worsen the situation at the expense of innocent civilians,” he stressed.

The youth must not accept any foreign funded destructive ideas that might shatter the progress of the country in reaching the status of a middle income country, Seid added.

Ethiopian Democratic Unity Movement President, Guesh Gebressilasie said the youth should not engage in any destructive activities.

Recalling the existence of many foreign forces that take advantage of conflicts, the President said the “government needs to listen to demands of the public and address them quickly.”

Gadaa System Advancement Party Chairman, Robele Tadesse stressed on his part that “the main demand of the public is the effective implementation of the Constitution.”

The Constitution addresses any issues of the country and could even serve as the best benchmark for resolving problems in other African countries, Robele added.

Representative of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front, Million Abraha said we all need to take our due share to pursue the development of the country.

Having stated that there are unlimited interests in the absence of national consensus, Million noted “we should not allow any foreign interests to resolve domestic problems.”

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