Inquiry Team Dispatched to Investigate Death of Civilian Featured

12 Mar 2018
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Addis Ababa March 11/2018 An inquiry team including generals from defense force has been dispatched to Oromia to investigate into the killings of 9 civilians.

The causality occurred around Moyale in Oromia regional state is the result of inappropriate measure, Secretariat of the Command Post said.

The incident is the result of a confrontation with five members of the defense force who deployed to the area to wipe out OLF - the insurgent group - that infiltrate into the country in three different directions.

The wrong information that members of the force received led to the confrontation that killed 9 people and injured another 12, Secretariat of the Command Post said.

The group entered into Ethiopia to stir-up the recent turmoil seen in some parts of the country.

The five members of the defense force including the commander have been disarmed and apprehended.

Following the completion of the investigation, the suspects will be tried in a military court.

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