Refugees Laud Ethiopia's Initiative in Providing Shelter Featured

09 Mar 2018
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Addis Ababa March 09/2018 Ethiopia is showing outstanding contribution for its neighbors by sheltering huge number of refugees, refugees from different African countries said.

Some of the refugees whom ENA has talked with said Ethiopia is providing them protection and basic services which their respective countries denied them.

John Yohanes, a South Sudanese refugee, came to Ethiopia in 2012 to visit his family residing in Addis Ababa. He ended up in a refugee camp in Ethiopia as he couldn’t be able to return to his country due to fresh conflicts.

Yohanes, who get his first degree in mining engineering through the scholarship that the government has offered him, aspires to serve his country when peace and stability restored.

He told ENA that the open border system in Ethiopia that allowed refugees to enter the country for safety and protection helps fellow South Sudanese, who are at risk due to the conflict.

According to him, Ethiopia's strong commitment could be used as a good diplomatic gesture to cement the relation between the two nations.

An Eritrean refugee, Tsehaye Welderufael, who still remembers the risks he have passed while he fled his country, uttered the amiable welcome by the people and government of Ethiopia.

Fulgence Ntahomvukiye, a refugee from Burundi, said that Ethiopia is providing refugee with outstanding services.

Administration for Refugee & Returnee’s Affairs (ARRA) Deputy Director, Zeynu Jemal told ENA that Ethiopia has received over 100,000 refugees since February 2017 mainly from South Sudan, Eritrea and Somalia, and the number of refugee has reached close to one million.

He noted that the Ethiopian government is receiving refugees based on the principles of longstanding tradition of hosting refugee, international commitment and foreign policies.

The government in collaboration with the international community is doing its best to enhance the lives of refugees by providing protection and social services including higher education.

The government is also working to create jobs for 30,000 refugees in two industrial parks to be built in the country in order to economically benefit refugees.

Ethiopia has made nine pledges for the benefit of refugees after the adoption of the New York Declaration on Refugees and Migrants, on September 2016 including creating jobs.


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