State of Emergency Inquiry Board Urges Public to Cooperate in Protecting Rights Featured

09 Mar 2018
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Addis Ababa March 08/2018 Inquiry Board of the State of Emergency has officially started its work today, according to the Office of the Inquiry Board.

 The Board is established, pursuant to sub-Article 6 of Article 93 of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, to monitor and supervise the handling of suspects that violate the state of emergency.

 It is, therefore, entrusted with the responsibility of making public the names of detained suspects within one month, monitoring and supervising the Command Post so that it does not take inhuman measures and take corrective measures when these occur, and take the perpetrators to face justice.

 The Inquiry Board composed of seven persons has announced to local journalists that it has officially commenced its duties to fulfill the duties and responsibilities it is entrusted with by the proclamation.

 Board Chairperson Tadese Hordoffa said the Board will start work retroactively from the date the proclamation for the state of emergency was declared. Apart from conducting on spot inspections, the Board will accept tip-off from the public.

 He urged all the concerned to cooperate with the Board as it cannot carry out its duties without the support of the public.

 The Board Chairperson said any person who is treated inhumanly during detention by the Command Post can submit petition to the Board through phone, fax or by filing the petition in person at the House of People's Representatives where the Office of the Inquiry Board is located.

 Tadesse said the Board will conduct its duties of inquiry based on the experience from the previous activities of the Board and noted that given the vast expanse of the area coverage of the country and the extent of the proliferation of the unrests, a technical committee composed of legal experts will soon be commissioned.

 He added that detailed information on the activities of the Inquiry Board and related information can be sought from the Board’s website.

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