Youth Urged to Benchmark the Victory of Adwa to Maintain Nat’l Consensus Featured

27 Feb 2018
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Addis Ababa February 27/2018 Youth must work hard towards promoting national consensus by benchmarking the victory of Adwa to foster unity leading to comprehensive national success, Dr. Negri Lencho said.

Government Communication Affairs Minister, Dr. Negeri Lencho in his opening remark on a panel discussion dedicated to marking the 122nd anniversary of the victory of Adwa said “the victory of Adwa has paved the way for promoting pan-Africanism.”

The present generation is making its own history by actively involving in the national mega projects and the fight against poverty, he appreciated.

Mentioning government’s efforts is not enough to maintain the registered economic achievements; the Minister noted “nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia must rally in unison with heroic spirits they inherited from our forefathers.”

He urged the youth to give prior attention in sustaining national peace and security as well as intensify their struggle against poverty which is the arch-foe of the nation.

“History has it in bold that the Victory of Adwa initiated for the encouragement of others” he said, adding “resolving the current situation with the spirit of unity is the due assignments of the youth.”

In presenting his research on the similarity of the victory of Adwa and GERD towards building national consensus, Instructor Brhanu Belachew, said both serve as the true showcases of Ethiopian unity in the timeline of the history of the country.

“Through massive public participation, both the Victory of Adwa and GERD vividly depict the pride and unswerving spirit of Ethiopians in protecting and preserving their rights self-reliance,” he pointed out.

According to him, Adwa inspired many Africans for regaining their independence both politically and psychologically and GERD would help to promote the economic integration of the continent.

Scholars, representatives of various institutions and governmental organizations took part in the one day panel discussion organized by Office of Government Communication Affairs.

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