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20 Feb 2018
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Addis Ababa February 19/2018 Ancient Ethiopian Patriots Association (AEPA) has extended calls for the youth to uphold peace and stability of the country.

The call appears when the 81st Martyrs’ Day commemorated early today at the Addis Ababa Martyrs’ Monument.

Addressing the gathering at the memorial event, Ethiopian Patriots Association, President Lij Daniel Jote Mesfin urged the current generation in general and the youth in particular to sustain peace and stability.

He noted that AEPA should be able to transfer the lofty goals of patriots and the values for which they had made sacrifices to entrust an independent country for the young generation.

Veteran patriots who talked to ENA said that the youth need to strive to maintain peace and development of the country in a spirit of mutual respect, trust and patriotism toward each other.

The patriots called on the youth to learn from the gallant deeds of their forefathers and pass down their flawless legacy to the next generation.

A veteran patriot, Alemineh Ayalew, said that "brothers need to trust each other, friends should trust each other and work together to develop their country based on trust, mutual respect, and consults each other."

Asresagn Lema, also a veteran patriot, said on his part “in essence the people of Ethiopia are committed people and are ready to protect the glory of the nation."

He added that "currently there is no war and our battle is get rid of poverty and thus, the young generation should strive for further education, research and work diligently to get out of poverty."

Martyrs’ Day was marked in the presence of officials from the federal government, Addis Ababa City Administration and the representatives of civil societies and the public.

The day commemorates Ethiopians indiscriminately massacred by the Italian occupation forces following an attempted assassination of Marshal Rodolfo Graziani and estimates show that as many as 30,000 Ethiopians were killed during the massacre.

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