Hungary Keen to Consolidate Cooperation with Ethiopia Featured

09 Feb 2018
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 Addis Ababa February 8, 2018 Hungary has expressed desire to enhance cooperation with Ethiopia in various areas including investment, biotechnological innovations in agriculture, water management, ICT, and tourism, an official said.

 In an exclusive interview with ENA, State Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Dr. Csaba Balogh said Hungary is ready to enhance its cooperation with Ethiopia in the economic areas.

 Hungary has re-opened its embassy in Addis Ababa on Wednesday after two decades, to sustain the long tradition of diplomatic ties.

 “The first one is agriculture, we can offer very important and good biotechnological solutions for the Ethiopian and generally the African agriculture and second one is water management which is also essential everywhere in the continent,” Balogh pointed out.

 He said Hungary is keen to work in the water sector to help Ethiopia address challenges that it faces related to potable water supply and management of water resources.

 “I do not think trade is the main objective between the two countries” mainly because of the geographical distance, he said and added “instead we can cooperate in enhancing production in various sectors.”

 “I think we have a lot of possibility to make joint ventures here in Ethiopia. You need production, you need workplaces for your people and you need export and we are ready to come with technology, with partnership and create that kind of cooperation” he said.

 Stating that ICT is crucial part of development for any country, he said his country is ready to work closely with Ethiopia. “We are smart enough in that job and to come with some solutions, which are solutions of the future.”

 Mentioning the possibility of establishing joint ventures among business persons of the two countries in the years to come, he said the new embassy will have a significant role in facilitating things for future partnerships.

 According to the state secretary, Hungary wants to raise the number of scholarship grants to Ethiopian students from 30 to 50 annually.

 Hungarian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Gabor Sagi on his part said tourism could be among the areas that the two countries could cooperate.

 Noting that Ethiopia has a huge potential for tourism through the natural, historic and cultural heritages, he said that his country could share its rich experience in properly utilizing this potential.

 “The only thing it needs is of course investment in the infrastructure to have more hotels and better roads, but there are I think very good opportunities or chances to develop,” the Ambassador pointed out.

 Ethiopia and Hungary established their diplomatic ties many years back but the embassy of Hungary was closed in 1992 and is now reopened.

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