Hungary Re-opens Embassy in Ethiopia

08 Feb 2018
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Addis Ababa February 07/2018 Hungary has re-opened its embassy in Ethiopia today.

During the re-opening ceremony, Hungary's Foreign Affairs and Trade State Secretary Dr. Csaba Balogh said Hungarian and Ethiopian relations are based on mutual benefit and respect.

“Hungary wants to trade more and intensify the political relations,” he added.

Ethiopia is a strategic partner to Hungary in maintaining regional security in the Horn Africa, Balogh said, adding that “Ethiopia is an ally in fighting terrorism, people smuggling and illegal arms trade.”

The State Secretary lauded Ethiopia’s effort in hosting more than 1 million refugees by providing shelter, protection, job and training opportunities.

Recognizing the economic and social development of Ethiopia over the past decades, he said “our efforts are centered on technology, and knowledge transfer as well as innovation, mostly through supporting the small and medium enterprise sector.”

It is to be recalled that the Hungarian embassy in Ethiopia was closed in 1992.

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