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07 Feb 2018
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Addis Ababa  February 07/ 2018 The Central Committee of the Oromo Peoples Democratic Organization (OPDO) has decided to replace 14 members of the Council of the OPDO/EPRDF.

 The Organization that has been engaged in a thorough discussion for ten days has also decided to suspend four members of the central committee until the next assembly.

 The Committee has also provided a warning to a member of the Central Committee, the Organization told ENA in a press statement.

 The Organization has passed the decision to ensure accountability, and sustaining the strength of the organization.

 In its ten days deliberations, OPDO has emphasized the need to work in an integrated manner to sustain the ongoing development and maintain peaceful coexistence among the people.

 It has discussed and put direction on the need to listen to the queries of the public and take rectifying measures. 

 The Organization has given emphasis during the discussions on the need to take measures on problems that challenge the federal system; ensure fair wealth distribution, participatory political system, and benefit of the public. 

 The Committee has also emphasized the need to strengthen the relationship with other national parties of the EPRDF thereby strive together to realize the common goal. 

 It emphasized THE need to fight practices that could endanger the federal system including corruption and corrupt practices, as well as maladministration, and abuse of power together with the public.

 Noting the loss of lives and property damage due to conflicts, the Committee emphasized the need to take the responsibility for the problems and appropriate rectifying measures.  

 Rehabilitating Ethnic Oromos who displaced from the Somali regional state due to conflicts, reducing youth unemployment and improving livelihoods, ensuring good governance and rule of law are among the priorities of the Organization. 

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