Negotiating Parties Agree to Discuss Anti-terrorism Law in Detail Next Week Featured

12 Jan 2018
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Addis Ababa January 12, 2018 Negotiating national parties have agreed to discuss articles of the Anti-terrorism law in detail in the middle of next week.

The parties had submitted a list of articles to be amended, annulled and included in line with the negotiations they conducted earlier.

In the third round of negotiations they held yesterday, the national parties focused on the general content of the proclamation without going into the details of the list.

One of the points raised during the negotiation was the issue that “the proclamation contravenes the provisions of the federal constitution.”

The ruling party EPRDF, on the other hand repeatedly suggested that it would be better to negotiate on the details instead of resorting to the general view that the “proclamation contravenes the constitution.”

Yet the parties spent a lot of their time on discussing about the Anti- terrorism proclamation in general.

The parties, therefore, reached a consensus to discuss the list of articles to be amended, annulled and included in their next date of appointment as they had no time to take up the issues in detail.

Since EPRDF did not have the chance to response to the various ideas and questions raised due to lack of time, it said responses to the questions posed by the participants will be given during the next discussion.

Apart from the negotiations on the Anti-terrorism proclamation, the negotiating parties asked EPRDF for a briefing on the current state of the country.

Representatives of the parties have agreed to meet on January 17 to continue the negotiations.

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