Ethiopia, Norway to Work More Closely on Migration, Handling of Refugees

12 Jan 2018
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Addis Ababa January 12/2018 Ethiopia and Norway have reportedly agreed to work more closely on migration and handling of refugees.

Foreign Affairs State Minister Hirut Zemene had discussion with Sylvi Listhaug, Norwegian Minister of Immigration and Integration.

According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State Minister Hirut said during the discussion that migration is a global agenda affecting many nations. Addressing the causes of migration is thus crucial, and the United Nations, AU as well as other institutions need to devise various mechanisms, she added.

Ethiopia has taken the lead in accepting refugees in Africa and is setting exemplary deeds by pursuing "open camp policy," the State Minister noted.

She further pointed out that Ethiopia is working to protect the rights of refugees, provide essential supplies and education as well as jobs.

The visit of the Norwegian Prince Haakon Magnus in November 2017 to Ethiopia is the manifestation of the growing relation in different sectors between the two countries.

The State Minister finally appreciated Norway’s constructive role in the peace process in South Sudan.

Norway's Minister of Immigration and Integration, Sylvi Listhaug, on her part said

Norway is ready to work closely with Ethiopia and other European countries in refugees and handling of refugee.

Listhaug said joint effort is needed to control and prosecute illegal human traffickers.

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