Political Parties Negotiating on Anti-Terrorism Law Featured

09 Jan 2018
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Addis Ababa January 09/2018 The 16 national political parties negotiated today on the anti-terrorism law of the country.

The negotiating parties have agreed over the importance of the anti-terrorism law but to consider its amendment and the inclusion of new articles.  

The group of 11 opposition political parties has requested the amendment of 4 articles, the omission of 6 articles and the introduction of 5 articles.

Other individual opposition political parties criticized the law for narrowing the political space in the country.

The ruling party, EPDRF, pointed out on its part that there is no convincing reason that compels the dropping and amending of the law. However, the party is willing to consider the inclusion of the articles proposed by the group of 11 opposition political parties.

The anti-terrorism law is based on the Constitution and international anti-terrorism laws, the party argued.

The parties agreed to continue the negotiation on Thursday, January 11, 2018.

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