Effective Activities Undertaken in Restoring Peace, Stability: Minister of Defense Featured

06 Jan 2018
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Addis Ababa January 05/02018The collaborative work done by federal and regional security forces in restoring peace and stability in parts of the country where conflicts were observed bring tangible results, the National Security Council said.

 The Council that consists federal and regional security forces had endorsed its plan to stabilize the areas affected by conflicts a month ago.

 The Council that evaluated its month long activities that were targeted to restore order in the areas said it has got promising results.

 In a press conference he gave on Friday, the Minister of Defense Siraj Fegiessa, said the plan was intended to restore order by ending the conflicts that were targeting institutions and the free movement of people as well as disturb stability of the country. 

 In this regard, Siraj said effective activities were carried out to end acts that hinder the free movement of people by blocking major roads.

 “Due to the collaborative efforts, now relatively better peace is observed in the country`s main roads”, Siraj elaborated.

 Through the collaborative efforts of security forces, community elders and religious leaders, peace has also restored to institutions of higher learning and learning process has resumed in almost all the institutions, he added.

 Regarding the conflict occurred between the administrative border of Oromia and Somali states, Siraj said the situation has shown improvement during the past month.

 “The federal security force has replaced the security forces of the two regional states` and deployed on major border areas of the two regional states. Now relatively better stability is observed in the areas and among the people of the respective regions” he said.

 According to Siraj, apprehending individuals who incite conflict and participate in the clashes has been conducting in collaboration with regional security forces and administrations.

 Highlighting that promising results have been gained over the past month in restoring order, Siraj noted that there are some issues that continue to be done afterwards.

 According to him, apprehending people involved in illegal acts, stopping unpermitted demonstrations as well as clashes in some areas are things need to be done.

 The joint security force agreed to continue on exerting its efforts to the sustainably ensure peace and security of the country.


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