Embassy Striving to Ensure Rights of Ethiopians Legally Residing in Saudi

05 Jan 2018
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Saudi Arabia January 05/02018 The Ethiopian Embassy in Riyadh said it is working to protect the rights of nationals residing legally in Saudi Arabia in collaboration with the government of the Kingdom.

 The Embassy is working on three major issues to protect the rights of citizens, according to Abdurahim Mohammed, Diaspora Cluster Head of at the Embassy.

 Raising their awareness regarding their rights and obligations; discharge their responsibilities; and provision of support when there are legal accountabilities, he added.

 These activities are aimed at protecting nationals from violation of rights by foreigners as well as their fellow countrymen.

 The Embassy is working closely with the Kingdom's security forces and the ministry of labor to respond to the demands of citizens even outside the working hours.

 Since the amnesty that the Saudi Government has given to foreign workers residing in the Kingdom without working and living permits had ended, Abdurahim said the Embassy is striving to safely repatriate citizens.

 According to Abraham Seyoum, President of the Association of Ethiopian Expatriates said that efforts are being exerted to protect rights of citizens living in Saudi Arabia.

 The association is working with the Ethiopian Embassy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other stakeholders to prevent any kind of violation of rights on nationals during the repatriation process.

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