U.S Appreciates Ethiopia’s Effort in Resolving Recent Boarder-based Conflicts Featured

08 Dec 2017
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Addis Ababa December  08/2017 The U.S has appreciated the Ethiopia’s effort in resolving recent boarder-based conflicts occurred between Oromia and Somali regional states, an official said.

 Acting Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Donald Yamamoto lauded the government’s efforts in resolving the recent conflicts.

 He also said the U.S. will work with the government and people of Ethiopia with their effort in addressing the challenge.

 While responding questions raised from local journalists today, Yamamoto said, "Ethiopia is one of our corner stone countries and also fore friend in development and looking how to address the challenges it has faced.”

 Yamamoto lauded the economic progress in Ethiopia over the last two decades saying “There are a lot of economic development and progresses in Ethiopia that USA recognizes to work together with Ethiopia to improve the lives of the people.”

 Development, human rights protection and the issue of refugees are among the major areas that the two countries are cooperating.

 The U.S. works with Ethiopia in strengthening human rights protection and ensuring sustainable economic growth, he said.

 “We work closely with the government and in the private discussions about where we see improvements can be made .We have differences, we try to resolve issues and we help the government and the communities to work together properly.”

 Noting that ethnic and regional boarder problems are reflected in Africa, he urged the need for countries resolve these problems to ensure human rights protection and good governance which in turn bring economic progress.

 “Development and economic progress cannot come without integration and coordination with three fundamental and critical areas: security sector reform, political reform and economic reform.”

 To this end Africa needs a lot of creativity and economic dynamism to address the problems of unemployment, drought and famine, he added.

 Emphasizing that his country stress on human rights protection in Africa, the Acting Assistant Secretary said the U.S. condemned slavery and human trafficking in the continent. 

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