NNPs Day Contributed for Consolidation of Constitutional System

07 Dec 2017
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Addis Ababa December 07/2017 The nations, nationalities and peoples (NNPs) day that the Ethiopia has been marking over the past decade has contributed to consolidation of constitutional system, the House of Federation said.

 While addressing a symposium held in connection to the day in Semera, Speaker of the House, Yalew Abate said the day has contributed to the growing culture of respecting the rights of others among nations and nationalities, which in turn help to consolidate constitutional system.

 However, Yalew said there is a gap in communications and indoctrination in constitution and expressed the task that has been conducted in this regard as unsatisfactory.

 “The communications and indoctrination work being conducted among the nations, nationalities and peoples of the country need more focus”, he added.

 He urged the need to indoctrinate the general public with the constitution and federalism.

 As part of the indoctrination process, the government will table a document that would guide constitutional teaching in all schools, Yalew said.

 President of the Afar region, Hadji Siyoum Awol said, the celebration of the day helps to consolidate the peaceful co-existence among different ethnic groups.

 Marking the day in different regional states each year strengthens the existing ties among nations, nationalities and people’s of the country, he added.

 The 12th nations, nationalities and peoples day is being observed in the town of Semera, Afar regional state at the national level.


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