Nations, Nationalities Day Plays Positive Role to Nation Building Featured

07 Dec 2017
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Addis Ababa December 07/2017 President Mulatu Teshome said celebrating the nations, nationalities and peoples day played a positive role towards building a single political community.

 In his remark in connection to the 12th NNPs Day to be marked Friday in Semera town in Afar regional state, the President said the day has contributed for the strengthening of unity and tie among ethnic groups.

 He recalled that the way that previous governments treat different ethnic groups and handle grievances had weaken the tie among nations and nationalities.

 With the endorsement of the constitution by the nations and nationalities of Ethiopia 23 years ago, Mulatu said sources of grievances have started to be addressed.

 The annual celebration that the country has started to celebrate 12 years ago has created a good opportunity for ethnic groups to know and respect the culture of others which in turn plays role to the process of building a single political community, he said.

 Mulatu emphasized the need to celebrate the day with reiterating commitment to actively engage in the developmental activities so as to realize the vision of joining middle income countries.

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