Ethiopia Striving to Repatriate Citizens from Libya Featured

07 Dec 2017
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Addis Ababa December 07/2017 The government of Ethiopia said it has identified places where Ethiopian migrants are staying in Libya as part of a repatriation process.

 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Ethiopia is striving to repatriate citizens from Libya, where Africans are said to be sold as slaves.

 While briefing journalists, Spokesperson of the Ministry Meles Alem said the government has gathered the necessary information about its citizens in Libya.

 According to him, the information gathered through the Ethiopian Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, helped to identify specific places where Ethiopians are found.

 The next phase will be repatriating them in collaboration with international organizations, he added.

 African migrants who want to enter into to Europe  has to cross Libya, where they face kidnapping and forced labor.

 The world including Ethiopia  condemned the sale of African migrants as slaves in Libya.

 Meles recalled the decision by world leaders during the African Union - EU Summit in Cote d’Ivoire the need for the Libyan government to take action to end the practice.

 If the Libyan government fails to do that, the leaders emphasized the need to take unilateral and multilateral action, which Meles said Ethiopia is strongly supports.

 According to him, the government of Ethiopia is also working to sustain the repatriation of citizens from Saudi Arabia; the Kingdom has started to forcefully deport migrants.

 Some 10,000 citizens who secured exit visas are returning home since the beginning of this week, the spokesperson said.


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